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Construction quality control is a management system aimed at ensuring the final deliverable meets the standards and guidelines set by the client. That includes completing the project within the scope of work and avoiding disputes throughout the lifestyle of the project. In Construction, industries quality is the performance of the tasks which ensure that construction …

Heart Wave Construction Project planning

We are responsible for estimating a timeline for a given project and ensuring that the outlined deadlines are met as per the schedule. They help engineering teams define projects on schedule. The civil works project process for a building is continuous, although the level of intensity and technical detail varies with the progression through the …

Heart Wave Construction Interior Design

We are interior design professionals who blend art and science to create and restore the inner space of the building. WE create indoor spaces that satisfy the client’s needs for aesthetics, safety, and function from furniture placement, and color palettes to decorations, interior designers take care of every aspect to satisfy the clients. A civil …

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